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Couple's Psychoeducation Group

The Prepare-Enrich Couple’s Group is a psycho-educational group that focuses on teaching skills in areas where couples most often experience difficulties. These areas include Communication, Finances, Stress, Parenting, Sexual Intimacy, Spiritual Beliefs, Personality, and Family of Origin. The goal? - to provide skills to reduce the risk of divorce. These skills prepare pre-marital/pre-commitment couples for the challenging, but exciting, journey before them; and for long-term couples, they encourage, build, repair and enrich the skills essential to maintaining a time-test relationship.

Preparing yourself for marriage is important. It isn’t all about buying the dress and the cake, and finding the venue; but it is more about helping you to survive marriage. According to the Prepare-Enrich website, the divorce rate is reduced by 30% when couples use an assessment to prepare for marriage. As you are thinking about whether you want to attend this group, focus on it being an investment that you will continue to get returns from throughout the lifetime of your marriage.

This group is not a therapy-focused group so if you are already having some issues that might require time to work through please consider doing individual couple’s counseling. You can still use the Prepare-Enrich Assessment, but it would allow for a one-on-one focus with a therapist who is trained as a Prepare-Enrich Facilitator.

This group teaches skills, and the individuals conducting the group are credentialed therapists who will provide input throughout the process. Facilitators provide opportunities for couples to share with another and the group - if they are comfortable with sharing - but will not be devoting extended time to any one couple. The more you put in; the more you get out of the group.

Those that are interested will have to take the assessment prior to becoming a group participant. The reports will be reviewed by the facilitators to determine if the couple is a good fit for the group. A couple that is experiencing domestic violence would be an example of a couple that might not be a good fit for the group. They may be more suited for one-on-one where they will be able to focus on more details of the relationship.

In addition to starting your marriage off on the right track another advantage is that you will be given a certificate showing that you completed the course. The Prepare-Enrich Program is an approved couple’s education program under the umbrella of the “TwoGether in Texas” Program. If you present your certificate, the 72 hour waiting period is waived.

The cost for attending the group is $300. This includes the $35 fee for the online assessment. Once you contact me and provide payment for the group you will be set up to take the assessment on line. The assessment takes about 45 minutes. Please take the assessment independent of each other. This must be done by April 27th. You will receive feedback by May 1st.

Date:  May 19, 2018

Time:  9-4:30

Location:  St. Mary’s Family Life Center

                   251 West Ligistrum Drive

                   San Antonio, TX  78228


Points of Contact:  Dr. Belinda Richardson      Phone:  (210) 778-8256

                               Dr. Carolyn Tubbs              Phone:  (210) 421-8510