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Scheduling Appointments Online

Grace For Life Counseling uses an online scheduling system. This sytem allows patients to schedule online, check availability and see when their next appointment is scheduled. You are not able to make payments on the TherapyAppointment website but that feature exists on the Grace For Life Counseling website (Make a Payment page). 

New patients must contact the office to schedule the initial apppointment. Once you have attended the Initial Session you can begin scheduling appointments online. A password will be provided to you. You may change this password but the office will still have access to your password. Requests for password retrieval will be accomodated but after 3rd request there will be a fee.

After an appointment is scheduled you can not make changes to it within the 24 hour window. If the appointment is not canceled online or if you do not contact the office directly to cancel before the 24 hours you will be charged a NO SHOW/LATE CANCELLATION fee.

Other patients are not able to see any of your information to include name and all other confidential information. All patients will only see when times are available and their appointments. Patients do not have access to their medical records or billing information. These must be requested directly.